Art Projects

L e s le y T u r n b u l l P h o t o g r a p h e r

Through photography – sequential, fragmented or otherwise, I am exploring transformative potential of landscapes and the ambiguity of gender. I am interested in the way photography and visual representation contributes to social and political understandings of identity and subjectivity, and as an artist locates myself within practical and theoretical spaces that allow for experimentation to develop new and resolved work.

Skins- paste-up project
The Tomboy Project
S h e P o n y s
Cleanliness is next to…
B r e a t h i n g

S k i n s t e s t
We, the romantics
Look back on Horses
Metaphorical Tomboy
Throw Like a Girl

H o r s e s
My Father
The Face
4 p m M o u n t i a n
G l i t c h
Crossing borders
T o l t
Nathan, the Boy ..
T e r a t o m a
M ý v a t n- Iceland

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