The tomboy project

This project is part of my ongoing research and exploration into the concept of ““the tomboy”” and its under-representation, post-adolescence in contemporary art photography, film and popular culture. My research is underpinned by a theoretical investigation of the tomboy image depicted in historical and contemporary cultural narratives, children’’s literature and critical art theory; however I widen the focus to include explorations of the tomboy identity from childhood and adolescence into adulthood and old age.

The project gathered stories for each of these legendary self identified tomboys. I then typed them using an old 1980s typewriter and hung them along with the work, anonymously.


Turnbull_Lesley_Throw LIke a Girl#12Turnbull_Lesley_Throw like a girl#11Turnbull_Lesley_Throw LIke a girl#10Turnbull_Lesley_Throw like a girl#9Turnbull_Lesley_Throw like a girl#6Turnbull_Lesley_Throw like a girl#2jpgTurnbull_Lesley_Throw like a girl#7jpgTurnbull_Lesley_Throw like a girl#1jpgTurnbull_Lesley_throw like a girl#5Turnbull_Lesley_Throw like a girl#4Turnbull_Lesley_Throw like a girl#3Turnbull_Lesley_Throw like a girl#8


To read more about my project go to the following link:

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