landing back in melbourne after living in Scotland for six months, i orientated myself through a residency at Testing Grounds.  it was january 2017, with tempratures on the higher end of  forty degrees. testing grounds is a  triangular plot housing a cluster of studio pods butted up against the formidable concrete wall of the national ballet school, located amidst  the constant chug of nose-to-tail traffic through city road. with the dust, heat and blinding light, there was no mistaking that i was back in the south hemesphere. I set about planning what i wanted to make, using the space as a staring point. i inhabited ‘the white box’, with perplex roof and walls that open out like ship masts creating an inside-outside-space.  did i mention the heat? a perspex roof ? white walls?  I set about using these elements as way of exploring photographic portraiture, through concepts of dislocation,  disappearance, and belonging. I shot portraits, then printed onto plan paper and pasted them up and onto the wall.  my intention was to document the gradual erasure of the faces through the concoction of time and weather. If the work was not saturated and erased through summer storms, then they’d be scorched and eroded by the sun (i thought). As the months passed by the work began to fray and tear but it also remained fixed and present.  i  re-photographed the images and reprinted onto  fine art photographic paper, with the work becoming a metaphor for both resilience and transformation. 



DSC_7033DSC_7047Paste upPastejpgmathewDSC_8830DSC_9200




Testing Grounds is a temporary space for creative practices encompassing art, performance and design, available for creative and education-related activities.